To provide safe and reliable air cargo services without compromision the quality


Working closely with strategic partners in achieving better efficiencies, introduce innovations and improvements for mutual profits


Cargo GSA/GSSA defines as General Sales Agent/General Sales and Services Agent services. Which means airlines operating into a particular country will be entrust with exclusive selling rights of their cargo capacity at agreed terms. GSA/GSSA contract would also be given should the cargo agent prove itself as a provider with significant market share to particular sectors.

When it is uneconomical for a particular airline to establish a cargo office in certain locality, appointing a GSA / GSSA representation will be beneficial as GSA / GSSA will provide a profitability assurance, consistent in service with a dedicated team, engagement in the industry and as well as information technology platform. The contract of appointment often includes the monitoring and administration of ground handling activities for cargo, import/export monitoring and vendor management for optimization of costs to the airline.


Total Cargo Management (TCM) means complete and comprehensive management of an airline’s cargo division. World of Aviation would take on all areas from managing a cargo or passenger carrier from vending, ground handling, cargo revenue accounting, operational audits, claims and insurance, coordination with passenger division for scheduling, routing, fuel management, etc.


Having a global presence and an established network of airlines, freight forwarders and vendors for airline-related services. World of Aviation and our business partners are providing assistance to many airlines in reducing their costs in areas such as ground handling agreements, trucking networks throughout the world, fuel costs for stop-over flights and more.

  • Import – Inbound Logistics
  • Ramp Supervision & Operations
  • Exclusive Truck Services within regional hubs


Cargo management which provides or customizes services to support the needs of the E-commerce community.

Postal Service

  • Providing services / customized services from integrator to the Last Mile.


Being specialized in charters within the region and partner up with many forwarders/ shippers alike who frequently have requests for charters. These charters are mainly for Oil & Energy, Shipbuilding or Live animals.


World of Aviation and business partners offices are strategically located in key Gateways (Hubs) with the expertise in the business to negotiate special prorate agreements (SPAs) through ICH (IATA Clearing House) & MITA (IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements) with the business partners to facilitate and enhance the productivity of our customer Airlines.

Industry networking of our business partners also will help the partner carriers to obtain ad-hoc SPAs via main hubs to niche destinations for general cargos & project shipments. This will enable carriers to expand the network to new territories and also get the feeders to their hubs from new origins



World of Aviation Pte Ltd, established in 2014 as a full fledged Airlines cargo GSA / GSSA ,having it’s office located in Singapore Changi Airport Free Trade Zone, SATS Cargo Terminal Building 3, 2nd Storey Room 234-236. A centralise location of all Airfreight activities in Singapore.

World of Aviation Pte Ltd since it’s operation has represented many prominent International airlines such as Malaysia Airlines Cargo, Royal Brunei Airlines, Silkway Airlines, South African Airways, RUS Aviation, Fly Dubai and Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

World of Aviation Pte Ltd Management Team comes with a very vast experiences in Airlines Total Cargo Management covering Operation / Sales & Marketing ,Ground Handling and Informatics Cargo Booking Systems (eChamp, iCargo, Gabriel, MASkargo System, LMS.)


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